2018 The Year Of Growth

As we approach the end of yet another year, I can say with certainty that 2018 has proved to be a pivotal year in the continuous growth story of Moneytech. This year has transpired to be the most exciting yet, and this is due to two significant reasons; team growth and product expansion.

We are growing
In the last 18 months, the Moneytech team has grown more than 35%, which has seen our largest appointment of roles since conception in 2003. As an exciting phase is emerging, we are focused to maintain and enrich our inclusive culture that we have been spent the last 15 years building.

By growing our team, we now have a range of expertise in the business that we haven’t had before. This will mean not only better solutions for our customers but also an accelerated rate of change in which we will be delivering our solutions and helping our customers grow to reach their goals.

We offer more
We are committed to making Moneytech a true non-bank, end to end financial service provider, so to further support our ambition, this year we have launched a sophisticated suite of FX option structures. By extending our FX offerings and streamlining our services, we make it even easier for our clients to use Moneytech as their main financial business partner.

2019 will be great because….
Our offering is growing
We are excited to launch our new Payments Platform in 2019. The platform will allow our clients to receive, manage and pay funds all in one centralised location. It will make it even easier for our clients to access and move funds. Watch this space.

We are rewarding our partners … even more

Last week we announced that 2019 will be the first year that we will be hosting Moneytech Pinnacle Partners Conference. At Moneytech we want to reward the brokers that work hard to find the right solutions for their clients. We will be hosting a three-night conference in the Whitsundays in October where our brokers can expect fun activities, events and adventures.

From all of us at Moneytech we wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward to another great year ahead.

Hugh Evans