How finance helped me to run my business more effectively.


Established in 2005 following a management buyout from Kodak Australasia, Australian Photo Supplies (“APS”), a local logistics and distribution company began to excel almost immediately through distribution of niche products with enhanced customer support. The management team had come out of the industry from different large businesses and their combined strategic understanding effected major growth for the new business. With growth on the agenda APS’s new management team looked to the financial position of the business; equity capital was running low as growth had been a cash intensive exercise, and they needed to find a solution that would assist the cash flow shortage that they were struggling through.

APS engaged one of the big four and were guided by the commercial lender into the debtor finance product. With the debtor finance product, APS was able to confidently win business and initiate the growth of the business. The management team knew with the facility in place they would be able to meet statutory payments, wages, and general business expenses on time and with no issue. Debtor finance was the best form of finance available to the business and has continued to be. It allowed this company to balance their borrowing with the needs of the business. Additionally, throughout lower sales periods when the business required less cash, the debtor finance facility balance was lowered and the costs associated with that facility reduced accordingly.

After a number of years, APS, due to further growth and specialist opportunities that came along, required additional financial support in the form of import/trade finance and some leasing for warehousing equipment. The bank did not have the appropriate product offerings to support the business which forced them to look elsewhere for a solution.

There are a number of debtor finance companies that APS looked at which had two of the three finance offerings that they needed, but only one in the end provided all three at fantastic rates, and was willing to support them with offerings and structure that was tailor made for their business. Moneytech.

Moneytech’s solution provided leasing which allowed greater use of space in the warehouse and therefore has led to increased productivity. The trade finance offering that Moneytech provided allowed the business to import its own stock, increase direct sales and create relationships with their suppliers which has in turn led to longer supplier terms. Moneytech’s foreign exchange arm offered competitive rates for the import of stock. Finally, through the debtor finance product Moneytech has injected more capital into the business and allowed them to take on further new business and continue the impressive growth they have been experiencing for the last 10 years.

APS Director and COO Joe Tresckitta on Moneytech:

“Sometimes our peak sales cycles don’t coincide with the cash needs or shortfalls of our business and therefore haven’t necessarily been able to facilitate our businesses aggressive growth. Moneytech has been there and assisted us with a fantastic partnership. They continually find solutions for anything we throw at them. They have a refreshing approach to business and work with the client to achieve the desired results.”

There are numerous financing tools and options available to your business, sometimes the best option is to engage the banks. Sometimes the best option is to look away from them. Understanding what you need is the first key step, followed by selecting the right partners to help your business grow.


Moneytech is an Australian commercial finance organisation specialising in Trade Finance (Credit Express) and Debtor Finance (Confirmed Capital). We aspire to become trusted partners of our customers. We support their growth by both understanding their business, and creating innovative financial products based on their feedback which fulfils their needs. Continue to our web site to learn more, or call us on 1300 858 904.