Business Lending

Trade Finance

Credit Express offers Australian businesses a line of trade or import finance to use for purchasing stock and inventory from local and overseas suppliers.
  • Real time transactions with online access through the Moneytech Exchange
  • Credit limits from $25,000 to $5,000,000
  • Free up business cash-flow



Debtor Finance

Confirmed Capital is a debtor or receivables financing solution offering undisclosed or disclosed facilities which pay 100% of the invoice value.
  • Effective advance rates of up to 95%, pays 100% of invoice value.
  • Automated online systems and reporting
  • Facility sizes from $250,000 to over $10M



About Moneyech

With advanced products fulfilling the transactional and financing needs of small to medium businesses operating at every link in the supply chain, Moneytech helps you improve your cash-flow and grow your business.
  • 2015

    In 2015 we're still growing...

    With a corporate mantra to genuinely understand its clients needs, we're continuing to look for businesses who need finance or aren't happy with their current provider, so we can help them grow.

  • 2003

    We were founded in 2003

    Established with a vision: to become a trusted partner of our customers, and to support their growth. We developed financial products which are simple to use but innovative in their application. Our propietory online banking platform, the Moneytech Exchange, is developed in house, integrated with our senior funders, launched, and our growth journey began...

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Finding Finance: The banks aren’t lending, what do I do?

Again and again we hear the same story: the banks don’t understand my business; the banks won’t give me enough money; the banks won’t lend to me because I don’t have a property, the banks make it too hard to do anything.   It wasn’t long ago that we sat down with a customer, and […]

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A case study in problem solving: debtor finance and labour hire

How to confidently commit to new business opportunities that you would otherwise have to forgo due to sheer size.   Have you ever been in a position where you have a great opportunity to secure a new project/contract thereby growing your business significantly only to discover that you didn’t have sufficient cash-flow or funding availability […]

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  • Never be satisfied...
  • Put the customer first
  • Create market leading products

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  • Listen to our customer's requirements
  • Understand their businesses
  • Help them grow


  • To drive success for our customers...
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