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We are the only non-bank financial institution in Australia that offers finance, payments and FX capabilities.

This puts us in a unique position to help small and medium businesses who are the growth engine of Australia and employ the majority of Australians.

Our working capital solutions, market leading FX, and enterprise level payments platform gives you control over your cashflow and payments. Moneytech will save you time and money so you can concentrate on doing what you love.

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Moneytech background
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The Moneytech Story

We are Australia’s only purpose-built and fully integrated business growth platform. We partner with Australian businesses to give them the finance to grow. The Moneytech platform delivers more than $5billion in finance to Australian businesses annually. And each year, more than nine out of ten of those businesses continue to work with us.

Moneytech continuously evolves and strives to be a leading end-to-end financial services provider in the non-bank market, supporting businesses with their ongoing success.

"I was very impressed with Moneytech’s customer centric thorough approach to finding out what the best outcome for VERVE would be. Through this process I was comfortable that Moneytech had VERVE’s best interest in mind and whilst they could not assist with our needs at this time Moneytech selflessly referred us to another lender that could help. The ultimate goal was to ensure that VERVE’s needs were met. VERVE still has a strong relationship with Moneytech and I would not hesitate in recommending Moneytech to other companies seeking cashflow lending solutions"

Michael Robinson
Financial Controller, VERVE Fitness

We have worked with Moneytech for around 2 years now and have found their Debtor Finance product to be beneficial to our Manufacturing business. They offer a service that traditional banks are simply unable to offer. We often have a high capital outlay on jobs and long lead times in waiting for payments from clients due to the nature of our business. Moneytech have relieved our cashflow stress and allowed us to focus on our what matters most in our business. Thank you to Luke, Lindsey, and the team for working with us!

Todd Raffen
Managing Director Almighty Industries

Moneytech have been fantastic for us! Our business has long payment cycle and while we wait for payment from our customers, Moneytech helps us with working capital!

Nigel McBride
Founder & MD, Wavechaser

"I have enjoyed working with the Moneytech team, they are incredibly hands on and are easy to work with. They understand my business requirements and understand how I want my business to grow and offer solutions to make my goals a reality."

David Jackson
Company Director of Peter Jackson


Moneytech have been fantastic for us! Our business has long payment cycle and while we wait for payment from our customers, Moneytech helps us with working capital!

Nigel McBride
Founder & MD, Wavechaser

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Michael Robinson
BLK, Chief Financial Officer
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Moneytech background

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