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Customer stories


"Funding from Moneytech allowed us to import ingredients in bulk and save a significant amount of money. This helped grow our business substantially." Jay Bonaretti, CEO AminoZ

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elite attachments

"We've been working with Moneytech since 2018. There's quick approvals, largely a lack of paperwork and just the general ease of use makes it the go to choice."

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united food group

"Moneytech team is amazing, we've been with them for three years and saw 30% growth of our business each year" - Lee Hardy, United Food Group

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qld automotive

We asked Sunny Gupta and Mithun Mahajan from QLD Automotive a few questions about their business and how Moneytech supported their business to grow.

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Drive personnel

"Moneytech helped our business grow significantly in the areas of time management, payroll, getting the guys onsite paid on time." Josh Fowler, Director - Drive Personnel

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