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Non-bank lender Moneytech scores an additional $150m debt facility for Equipment Finance growth

SME non-bank lender Moneytech has secured an additional $150m funding warehouse facility to help fund their Equipment Finance growth, the new warehouse debt facility has been provided by a major Australian Bank.


Major Fintech Lender welcomes changes to Federal Governments SMEG 3 Loan Scheme

Non-bank Fintech lender, Moneytech Finance has welcome dthe federal government changes to its SME Loan Recovery scheme announced this morning.


Major Fintech Lender Calls for Extension to Federal Governments SMEG 2 Loan Scheme

Non-bank Fintechlender, Moneytech Finance has calledon the federal government to extend its SME Loan Recovery scheme referred to asSMEG2 in the face of extended lockdowns.


Moneytech partners up with APositive for unique technology customer offering

Non-bank Fintech lender, Moneytech finance has announced a strategic technology and referral partnership with renowned payroll funding provider, APositive.


Moneytech joins Phase 3 of SME Recovery Loan Scheme

Fintech Moneytech has been accepted onto the government’s SME Recovery Loan Scheme lender panel for the third phase of rollout.


Brokers to play key role in supporting SMEs in 2021

Brokers can play a key role in helping the small-business sector navigate the challenges and opportunities as financial assistance pares back and the economy recovers, says Nick McGrath, CEO of business growth platform Moneytech.


Moneytech launches online small business loan facility

Leading business growth platform, Moneytech, has introduced a new online small business loan facility, which is the first of its kind to be offered by a non-bank lender in Australia.

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