Equipment Finance

client background

A boutique sightseeing business based in Brisbane that has been operating for 7 years.

client challenge

The business wanted to expand their fleet of small sightseeing business. They had just partnered with a tourism wholesaler and had a large increase in expected customers and required a new bus to accommodate the additional customers and satisfy the terms of their contract with their new partner.

moneytech's solution

Moneytech offered a $126,500 Equipment Finance solution which was secured by the bus itself. The client would pay the loan back over a period of 5 years. The new bus allowed the company to increase its tour frequency and cater to more customers without compromising the quality of the experience, boosted its revenue and was able to maintain a healthy partnership with their provider. The financing from Moneytech proved to be a pivotal decision, enabling the company to navigate the path of expansion with confidence.

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