Confidential Debtor Finance Facility

client background

An established manufacturing business with 20+ years of experience and operating under new management for past 18 months.

client challenge

The client was referred to Moneytech through their finance broker after exhausting all efforts in sourcing an increase to their existing unsecured business overdraft through their existing bank. The business was growing under new management and with a large proportion of their working capital tied up in stock, materials and outstanding customer invoices (debtors). The business required a more suitable funding solution to free up cash to meet customer demand.

moneytech's solution

Moneytech stepped in to provide the client with a $500,000 Confidential Debtor Finance Facility, giving the business access to 90% of their outstanding invoices and providing the directors the peace of mind in being able to meet customer demand and pursue growth opportunities without real estate security, lock in contracts or early terminations fees.

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