$1,000,000 Confidential Debtor Finance & $650,000 Term Loan

client background

20+ year old recruitment and labour hire firm that specialises in the placement of legal professionals in to government departments. The client had recently sold of one of its subsidiaries and moved premises, resulting in significantly leaner business model with a vastly different capital structure.

client challenge

The clients existing financier was unable to understand the long term benefits that the new business model would yield and was therefore unable to support the client with the appropriate funding mix and working capital facilities.

moneytech's solution

The client sought a new financier to support its growth plans who properly understands the strengths of the new business model. With Moneytech’s facilities established, the client has near doubled its monthly turnover with significantly improved profit margins. With Moneytech’s 90% advance rate on receivables and flexible term loan solution, the client is now able to focus on growth.

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