Cash flow solutions to empower your business

At Moneytech, we understand that maintaining cash flow is a priority for any business.

With our diverse offering of financial solutions, we can help you achieve continued business success. We will work with you to understand your short term needs and long term goals. While we take time to understand your financial objectives, we encourage you to seek your own independent professional advice.

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Trade Finance

Moneytech’s trade finance solution is a revolving line of credit that’s designed to smooth out cash flow volatility.

Moneytech can give you the freedom and confidence to move ahead in business with fewer concerns about how you’ll finance your growth. Moneytech will advance cash to your local and overseas suppliers for the purchase of stock and inventory, with a flexible repayment structure over up to 120 days.

Your Trade Finance is managed through Moneytech’s platform that boasts unparalleled delivery speed and easy administration. Moneytech’s Trade Finance platform integrates with Moneytech Foreign Exchange, giving you access to competitive FX rates in one place and at your fingertips! We’ll work closely with you to offer a solution that will enable your business to achieve its goals.

Our Trade Finance facilities have a number of key competitive benefits:

We offer Australian businesses a line of trade or import finance to use for purchasing stock and inventory from local and overseas suppliers
Real time transactions via our proprietary financing and payments platform
Pay suppliers using your credit card via our credit card payment gateway, allowing you to remit funds to any local or international supplier
Credit limits from $25,000 right up to $10,000,000
Fast, simple application process and approvals within 48-hours
Flexible payment terms and conditions rather than the ‘one size fits all approach’

Debtor Finance

Unlock the value of your invoices sooner.

Why wait? With Moneytech’s Debtor Finance, you can swiftly turn your invoices into cash. With a financing facility secured against raised invoices, you can receive up to 100% of the invoice amount as soon as you’ve issued the invoice. That’s money in your hands sooner to help grow your business.



Our Debtor Finance facilities have a number of key competitive benefits:

Moneytech will advance up to 100% of your receivables, which is well above the industry average of 80%.
We fund invoices up to 120 days from the date an invoice is raised (30 days more than the industry standard of 90 days).
Unlike our competition, we only apply the service fee to funds drawn, rather than turnover. Our fee structure is transparent and genuinely pay-as-you-go, saving you money.
With Moneytech, you control your debtors (including all invoicing and collections).
Simple application process and approval.
No bricks and mortar security required.
Flexible Concentration Limits.
No Exit Fees in most instances.

Term Loans and Equipment Finance

Moneytech now offers term loans and equipment finance to further help you manage your working capital and access the money you need to grow your business.

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