moneytech pinnacle partners event FY24 - 25 eligibility terms & conditions

Moneytech Pinnacle Partners Event FY24 - 25 Eligibility Terms & Conditions Promotion Period: 1st Feb 2024 to  31st Jan 2025.

In order to qualify in Moneytech Finance Pty Limited (ACN 112 110 906) (“Moneytech”) Pinnacle Partners 2024-25 program, participants must meet the following criteria:

a) Be an eligible referral partner of Moneytech Finance Pty Limited (ACN 112 110 906)

b) Registered details at

c) Between 1st Feb 2024 and 31st Jan 2025 satisfy the following criteria in relation to the product offerings noted below- 

       a. Core Lending Products - (Debtor Finance, TradeFinance , Term Loans and Equipment Finance)

  • Introduce and settle facilities for at least two (2) new core lending clients to Moneytech Finance Pty Limited (this cannot bean existing client); and
  • The two (2)new clients must have funds in use balance of $2.0m (combined total) as at 31st Jan 2025. Please note the two (2) new clients must have a funds in use balance of $1.5m as at 31st Jan 2025. 

     b. Line of Credit Product

  • Introduce and settle facilities for at least five (3) new Line of Credit clients to Moneytech Finance Pty Limited. Limited (this cannot be an existing client); and
  • The five (3) new clients must have at least funds in use of $750,000 (combined total) as at 31st Jan 2025. Or

       c. Equipment Finance

  • Equipment Finance -Ten (10) new customer and at least $1,000,000 of funds in use as at 31st Jan 2025.

d) Moneytech reserves the right to amend, revise, suspend, cancel or extend the Pinnacle Partners program.

e)The actual date(s) of the trip is subject to change and shall be at the sole discretion of Moneytech.

f) Referral partners who qualify for the trip will be invited to confirm their registration in early Feb 2025

g) Trip qualification is limited to two (2) persons–being the qualifying referral partner plus one person.

h) Acceptance must be confirmed in writing by 10 Feb 2025 to Moneytech.

i) All Pinnacle Partners Event attendees will be required to sign a Code of Conduct as part of their participation in the 2024 - 25 trip.

j) Referral partners who qualify for the trip, but are unable to attend, cannot claim for compensation in the form of cash or other rewards. The qualification cannot be transferred to another person or redeemed at a later point in time.

k) Additional attendees must beat least eighteen (18) years of age and may NOT be another referral partner or child. The name of the additional person must be advised to Moneytech by 10 Feb 2025. If Moneytech does not receive the name or the name changes by the deadline, the referral partner will be required to pay for all hotel and/or airline expenses (if applicable).

l) It is the responsibility of the travellers to obtain a valid passport and any other necessary travel documentation including visas, and Moneytech recommends that all participants purchase travel insurance. Moneytech will not bear the cost of any such expense.

m) No changes or deviations to flight schedules are allowed.

n) Trip qualifiers will have flights paid for from one of the following state capitals: Perth, Brisbane,Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart only. It will be the responsibility of the attendee to cover the cost of any other domestic flight and/or hotel requirements.

o) Seats are not transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstance.

*This information does not take into account your personal objectives, circumstances or needs. Consider its appropriateness to these factors before acting on it. Read the disclosure documents for your selected product or service before deciding whether to purchase them. ABN: 24611393554