We’re proud to be exclusive partners with Monoova. Monoova free business to scale with their end-to-end payments solution. They make money move.

If you need access to a variety of payments functions, reporting options and exceptions handling but don’t need something entirely customised, you will like our Moneytech Portal.

Make the payment part of a great customer experience. We let you receive payments from your customers in a variety of ways. We send you messages when funds have been received and we reconcile everything.

Money in the account is only half the job done. Then follows exceptions management, reporting and preparation for disbursement to vendors, suppliers and other creditors. We can automate all of this.

Your partners and users expect to be paid quickly and accurately. With us, you can automate payments to thousands of recipients daily with different methods. No need for a payables team. And of course, we report on everything.