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Debtor Finance Facility

client background

An experienced operator within the industry had established a new business that had been trading for a few months and needed a quick turnaround time to be able to capitalise on new opportunities and handle the businesses cash flow.

client challenge

Our introducer contacted the BDM directly. Our introducer is familiar with Debtor Finance, having settled deals with Moneytech in the past. Challenges were as follows: short trading history; low ledger spread - just two active clients; rapid growth expected based on the clients’ pipeline; urgent timeframe; and, requirement for a high advance rate.

moneytech's solution

Moneytech provided the client with a $1.8m Debtor Finance Facility at an 88% advance rate. The facility met the clients objective of being able to have confidence to grow the business without real estate security, lock in contracts or early terminations fees. Moneytech also provided a concentration to the two debtors of 100%. The facility went from initial enquiry to settlement in just over two weeks.

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